My LED cyclone game portfolio

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The LED Cyclone game

I’m working on making a LED Cyclone game. I hope to create a game that uses different colors and becomes challenging.

Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Jaylen Culver Newark Collegiate Academy Mechanical Engineering Senior

Relevant name

Final Milestone

In my final milestone I put the led strip in to the frame. I used the sticky side of the LED strip to attach to the frame.

Final Milestone

Second Milestone

My second milestone was getting the LED into a cicular form.

Second Milestone

First Milestone

My first milestone was hooking the wires into the correct spots in the arduino. I plugged 3 wires in to the LED strip. Then I connected the wires to the arduino (GND, 5v, digital pin. I plugged a button, a resistor and wires in the breadboard. Then used the arduino app to code for one light to stay still and the other to move. I coded for the button to control the lED. First Milestone